About Us

We are dedicated to providing couples with real community. Read more below about our Mission and Vision and how we are different than any other marriage ministry that you have encountered before.

To be a transformational community that helps couples discover the joy of marriage!

Our LoveLife Mentors are devoted to helping couples stay committed to each other and to helping them discover how to enjoy their marriage!

Core Values:
Connecting in community with each other
We have fun as we share life together! It is important to be a part of a community that encourages and challenges us to create a marriage that is a blessing to our lives.

Applying biblical principles in our marriages
We take the time to learn about, and apply, the biblical principles of marriage. As we go through life together, we talk about the tough issues and we aren’t afraid of being real with each other.

Developing our marriage relationships
We focus on creating great relationships with our spouses. We practice what we learn in order to get the most out of the relationship that God has given us!

What makes us different

At LoveLife we are different in that we stray from the traditional marriage ministry which is rooted in helping couples develop their marriage relationship and the teaching of biblical principles.

This is a diagram of the traditional marriage ministry that you are used to encountering:

At LoveLife we value community and see it as a key to a wonderful marriage, which is why we incorporate community into our ministry model: