Early in the year 2000, Susan and I began a serious relationship with each other. While I tried to maintain my current lifestyle of drugs and alcohol, which was mainly hidden from Susan, we struggled to keep our relationship healthy. The longer I struggled with things, the further I hurt Susan. I eventually became unfaithful to her. I couldn’t understand how she could forgive me and continue to treat me with love and respect. When I asked how she could do that, Susan told me that it was because of Christ that she could do that…

I thought at that moment, I needed to know this Jesus guy! As I began to allow my heart to be changed, our relationship began to heal. It really all started for us with a realization that our relationship was something that needed to be protected. After that, we found that surrounding ourselves with people that would encourage our relationship was imperative if we were going to further ensure a healthy relationship. Over the years we have been very intentional in searching for ways to love each other more deeply. With our strong commitment to each other, and our continual investment into understanding each other better, we now have a relationship that can only be described as a miracle! We still have our struggles, frustrations, and difficulties, but are so thankful for the joys and love that we now share! Now with a wonderful family of 8 and one on the way, we are thankful that we stayed committed to each other through the difficult times!

This is our story and why we are passionate about sharing what we have learned!  

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